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Co-Pastor Valerie Paul-Greenaway,          Pastor Valerie is a young professional with a unique combination of education,                                                                                                                            research, community health promotion, the Arts, public health, faith-based, pastoral, case                                                                                                        management, caregiver, leadership and human services experiences.


                                                                                           Pastor Valerie has a Masters of Divinity from Drew University. She has a paralegal certificate from                                                                                             Marist University. She has also completed three Units of Clinical Pastor Education.


                                                                                           She has an extensive background in Human Services, Youth Advocacy, Mental Health                                                                                                               awareness, Self directing Care and management for disbled persons. Additionally, she loves                                                                                                      music and the Arts and has experience in Human Resources, public relations, and leadership.


                                                                                           In her words, “ My desire is to utilize my human services, education,research, event planning,                                                                                                    professional divinity and chaplaincy training in ministry. Bridging the gaps and ushering in a new                                                                                              world of equity, love, peace and justice. By acknowledging that all people are made in the image                                                                                              of God and so therefore sacred."


    Co-Pastor Ross Topliff      


                                                              Pastor Ross Topliff grew up in the United Methodist Church. Despite the fact that his father was a pastor (or                                                                             perhaps because of it), Pastor Ross was determined to remain as an active lay person in the church.
                                                              It was a plan that worked until he agreed to answer God’s call into a deeper ministry in 2000. Pastor Ross is                                                                            working toward completion of a Course of Study at Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C.
                                                              As a licensed local pastor with the New York Annual Conference, Pastor Topliff has served:


                                                                Hudson Highlands Cooperative Parish (2015-2020);

                                                                Monroe United Methodist Church (2017-2020);

                                                                Sloatsburg UMC (2016–2020); and

                                                                Parish Certified Lay Minister (2015–2016).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pastor Ross has served in just about every administrative capacity in the local church, including:


  • Chair, District Committee on Ministries;

  • Lay Speaker;                                                               

  • Conference Usher, Conference Usher Chair (2015-present)

  • Choir, worship leader, Administrative Council chair, Trustees, Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference, SPPRC (ex-officio), Membership & Evangelism, Stewardship & Finance Committee and Sunday School teacher at Gardnertown United Methodist Church

Pastor Ross encourages his congregations to develop a new vision for their future and discover how they can be a beacon of hope in their communities   as he leads them in worship, study, and service.
When he is not pastoring his churches, Pastor Ross works as a professional engineer consultant with a specialty in chemical engineering. He holds a Master of Science (MS) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and Master of Science in the Management of Technology from Stevens Institute of Technology.
In his spare time, Pastor Ross enjoys gardening and choral music.

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